Welcome to my Website and Blog!

This is a safe place to discuss all things Bigfoot, from hard core DNA science to “woo-woo” far out “Bigfoot stole my car” type of stuff.  After more than a decade of research myself and more encounters than I can remember, I know that other strange things do happen in the field, for which I cannot explain.

People always ask me “So you believe in Bigfoot?”, usually with some sort of smirk on their face, I always say “I don’t believe in Bigfoot, I know they exist, they are as real as the ground you stand on”.  For me there is no longer a burden of proof, I have mountains of such evidence.  I don’t have to prove or do anything, they are there.  All we have to do is go out and look for them, you will see them when the time is right or sometimes when it isn’t, which is usually a much less pleasant encounter.

Please keep the discussion civil and open.  I have a full-time job running my own business and have a natural tendency to avoid all things technology, but will do my best to monitor the conversations and chime in when I can.  I have many well known friends in this field that I hope will stop in and chat with everyone, so keep that in mind.  You may think your talking to a 10 year old boy but in reality, it could be Connie Willis from Coast to Coast AM, Ron Morehead, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Dave Paulides, Dennis Pfohl, or any number of my awesome friends.  This is a place to discuss the topic, brainstorm, and more importantly, have fun!

I think we should start with the basics.  Please purchase my book to support this effort and to have a better understanding of where I’m coming from.  I’ll be happy to answer or discuss anything from my book, there is no shortage of experiences.  Let’s start with the most obvious and apparently the most difficult to answer….What do you think Bigfoot is?