This website was created with the intent of sharing my ongoing experiences, knowledge of “Squatchisms” as I find them and to provide a place for witnesses to contact me and discuss their encounters.  This website, like my book “Hairys” is dedicated to the brave souls that courageously seek the truth without concern of ridicule, animosity, or ignorance. 

My First Bigfoot Encounter

My crazy life changed directions once again in Spring of 2007 while I was recovering from a surgery related to my autoimmune illness.  While driving a remote Colorado road with my wife Elizabeth and our 2 dogs Missy and Nelli innocently searching for spring turkeys to hunt. I accidentally found some very bizarre and incredibly huge bipedal tracks that would change my life forever in knee deep snow.  The discovery of those tracks would set me on an unbelievable path of discovery of both the unknown and human nature.  Within only a few months of finding those tracks, I would have the undeniable confirmation of what the world says is impossible, snarling, sniffing, and growling only inches from my face in what was to be many such encounters with the legendary Creature the world calls by many names such as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Boogerman, Yahoo, Hillbilly, Haint, Pumpkinhead and many other names that are crocheted into the words of the language we use every day. 

After more encounters than I can recall now in an attempt first to photograph, document, and record the mysterious and elusive species earlier in my crypto career.  I have and continue to collect evidence whenever possible and I have compiled hundreds of experiences and interactions and enough physical evidence to start my own museum.  Much of my personal collection has been loaned to my good friend Jim Myers, the owner of “The Sasquatch Encounter Museum” in Bailey Colorado, in an attempt to share and spread awareness of the reality of these incredible beings.

I have done several interviews on the subject and my experiences on shows such as “Coast to Coast A.M.” with Connie Willis, “Sasquatch Out Of The Shadows” with Aleksandar Petakov, and “You Don’t Know Squatch” with Jim Myers, as well as several benefit lectures for various fund raisers.

My Bigfoot Passion

Currently, my true hunger for the subject is the rather exhausting and sometimes dangerous goal of establishing a relationship with a large group of these beings.  To understand what they are, who they are, why they are, to understand and someday speak with them, to foster a relationship in which they can feel safe to approach me at my camp without fear or judgement or injury.  This monumental goal may never happen, I’ve made some progress in this, but its painfully slow and while I know they are completely real, the relationship I think we may have, may only exist in my own mind.  Only time, persistence, and sacrifice will tell.

Please consider purchasing my book “Hairys” using the link on this site to support my efforts in this almost impossible mission.  Thank you for taking the time to check out my site and keep an eye on it as I update things and post my stories as they happen.

My History

I was born and raised in Western Colorado.  While Colorado has always been my home, my father’s career as a gold miner required that the family follow the work and therefore we lived in North Central California, all over Colorado, and Moab Utah where my father worked at a uranium mine during the Cold War, before Moab was the tourist destination it is now.  I was raised hunting, fishing, hiking, and all things outdoors in a family that has generations of outdoorsman and women, cowboys, miners, farmers and explorers. 

As an adult, I joined the U.S. Army in the early 1990’s and served as an Airborne Infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division based in Ft Bragg North Carolina and a tour in Sinai Egypt.  In 1993 while in Sinai Egypt, I was stricken with a serious and mysterious autoimmune disease that severely impacts my life to this day.  I’ve held many different jobs after being forced into retirement from military service ranging from working at hardware stores, radio broadcasting, driving armored cars and bank security, various construction jobs, janitor at the state mental hospital, over the road truck driver and heavy equipment operator.  During this lengthy and generalized employment, I had witnessed some very bizarre and strange things especially as a truck driver logging almost 2 million miles, mostly in the open and barren spaces of the western United States and Northern Mexico. 

In 2005, I graduated from Mesa State College with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.  My nursing career varied as much as the rest of my work history.  I’ve worked as a Registered Nurse in Intensive Care, Cardiac Care, Neuro trauma, Home hospice, and an extensive history in Corrections Nursing.  I currently own and run my own small business as a certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist.

I do not claim to be an “Expert” or even a “Researcher”, but more of a highly motivated, educated, OBSERVER.  While I’m severely tech challenged, I will do my best to keep this site updated with things as I get them to share with you, the viewer to decide for yourself.  I, like many others already know the truth, we’re just waiting on the rest of the world to catch up.