Here are excerpts from Jason Frank’s book “Hairys” True ongoing stories of Sasquatch in the Rockies. 

  Inside every human being is the need for adventure and the exploration of the unknown. Adventure isn’t usually something that is planned but rather something that just happens, often whether we want it to or not. Life-changing events hang on every moment of our lives whether it’s a faulty piece of equipment, human error, an accidental turn on the wrong road at the wrong time, or in my case, noticing strange oblong holes in a patch of snow. I had no idea what the discovery of those holes would do for my life during that simple afternoon turkey hunt on a beautiful sunny spring day with my wife near Cripple Creek Colorado several years ago. What you are about to read are true accounts of real events that represent only a few of many such experiences in my accidental exploration of this incredible journey into the world of “Sasquatch in the Rocky Mountains.”

As we lay in the tent looking at each other wondering if this was going to be the end of us, the nearby giant did something I will never forget, it took a deep loud breath and sighed! It Sighed! Just like a human parent would do! The sound of its frustration was very clear and I could almost picture it rolling its eyes. It was unbelievably incredible! This thing actually sighed deeply, grumbled, and then to our surprise, it walked just inches from the left side of the tent where Jim was lying, toward the crying infant, even tripping on a tent rope near “Jim’s” left shoulder . The footsteps were enormous and we could hear the gravel popping under the massive weight of its feet even in the down pouring rain as it retrieved its crying child.

If you look at the situation from their point of view. How magical it must seem to see humans working something as simple and yet complex as a gas stove. To take a jumbled-up bunch of food items from a strange smooth box full of ice in the middle of July and to turn it into something that smells as sweet as French toast has to be amazing to them. I would imagine it would seem like magic even to my great-grandparents who settled in Colorado in the late 1800s. I always try to look at things from their point of view. Everyday things to us are of profound curiosity to them.

​For me, the trip ended two days later without any more incidences. I returned home and assumed my position back in the machine of human society. It is always strange to go from the world in which the Hairys live and then to sink back into our artificial, prefabricated modern human reality. I always feel a bit sad when I have to return to our “plastic reality,” I guess it’s no wonder so many people doubt the existence of Grumpy and his kind, most people are so removed and insulated from the true reality of life, that they can’t even get their minds around the possibility let alone the truth.